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50% OFF Sale..

WOOT 50% OFF!..
All Tubes and Kits at:
ZindyZone ..

Christmas Sale at Zindy Zone ..

Hey peeps 
MASSIVE sale on all products ..
Everything is on sale at the store ..
Just when pennie's mean the most ,this sale should help its even running up to christmas eve ..

Click on banner below to go to store ..
Wow even I phone covers on sale and my kits ..WOOT!


New : RedChristmasCollection

Hi All another new collection ..
Called Red Christmas
This is with 2 of zindy's amazing christmas beauties ..
Zindy is still very ill bless her so keep her in your thought's ..
My ear is still playing up tons and still in and out of doctors but i got this up and finished so im megga pleased with myself ..
Anyway find this collection on zindy's stunning new store at:
If you don't want tubes kit is sold seperate also in zindy's
and here is a preview for you all :

I'm now off to chill in warm bath and then watch I'm a celeb ..
Love to you all


Winter Dreams Collection ..

Just a quick note to say
I have a new collection out with zindy called winter dreams
That is up in zindy's store :
Here is preview :

Also have another on the go but due to both of us (me and zindy) not feeling to good i have no idea when it will be up ..
Zindy is suffering with a terrible sore throat bless her and myself an ear infection ..
But you all know not alot holds me back for very long ..
My CT team have been working and doing fab creations like always and i just wanted to drop a note on here about them because without them by my side i dunno what i'd be like ya all .xx.

(link on right side to my CT blog)
Anyway enough from me for now ..
Hugs xxxx


Stop Bullying Stat

Just made this to go with the great Anti-Bullying 
Blog Train created by a few of us designers that you can see my part a few posts below ..
I did look for an artist tube to match but in my collection i couldn't find one lol ..

Ok this is first time ive tried to load to mediafire just the stat alone ..
If it doesn't work mail me pls and i'll send ya ..
Grab stat HERE


DarkDreams Stat and Snags

First time ive tagged in ages and felt good ..

Ok done this with purple dreamland tube of zindy’s and Dark Dreams Kit by myself

You can find collection HERE


Above is a preview this also

comes in a side stat and 12 PNG Snags to go with it all within the zip file ..

You can download all on Zindy’s Blog HERE

You can convert the PNG’s to JPEG’S if you desire :0)

Hugs xxxx


ZindyZone Sale!


Grab a BARGAIN while you can ..
Click banner below to go to store..

Say No To Bullying FREEBIE

As October is Anti Bullying Month, several designers and I have created charity kits to help raise awareness for this. Bullying is a problem in schools and society..even the PSP community has had its share of bullying. 
Too many young lives are being lost due to bullying.

Download My Part HERE
You can find the other parts at the below blogs. If not up yet, just check back later.
 We're all on different time zones so they may be up later. 
Enjoy ..

Dark Dreams by Me and Zindy ..

Dark Dreams Kit and Purple Dreamland tube art from Zindy 
You can get the collection on zindy's store HERE

Or the kit on its own at zindy's store HERE
Over 60 elements and 16 papers in kit ..

Hope your enjoying your weekend so far ..


Hating Autumn ALREADY!

I want warmth
I want Sun
I want Ice-Cream
I wanna tan by bum!
Ok did that rhymn??
Noooooo i hear you all cry ..
Ok was just playing with a couple of pics of mine as i wanted something warm type and came up with :
Now off to cook dinner and wait for my hubby cos i want a massive cuddle ..


I Believe-BCA Collection Stat n Snags

Hi all a new stat and snags from me ..

This is done using our BCA collection within store HERE

All sales on this collection goes to Pink

Ok heres a preview of Stat


You also recieve a side stat in kit alone by myself .

And 12 snag tags in PNG which can be converted to JPEG if you desire ..

Download allon Zindy’s Blog HERE

Enjoy xxxx


NEW PTU Friends Collection and Gothic Heart Bundle ..

Ok i was just off for a bath as its a cold wet windy night here in wales UK ..
And i thought i'd update ya all about whats new at zindy's store ..
Ok first off we have 
Friends collection
Stunning tube and kit collection pak on sale 

Gothic Love Bundle that consists of My Gothic Heart Kit with 2 of zindy's tubes that the kit was based on .

You can get these at zindy's new look store and on my link to my kits :


NEW PTU _I Believe -BCA Collection ♥

A very very special collection from me and zindy ..
I'm total thrilled with this release and you can see it at link below at zindy's:

All funds we get will go direct to :

This is simply amazing and as i get work off my CT girls and Boy lol 
I shall be creating a slide show for you to see what can be done ..
Striking tube from the lovley Zindy to match this kit ..
So please Dig Deep and lets create and purchase this stunning collection created by myself and zindy ..

Preview :

Visit Zindy's tube blog to see some work done by her CT in this collection ..


Hugs xxxx

I've been absent

For a while sorry peeps..
I've been making up for time away and working on new collections with zindy.
The work on my bathroom and new kitchen took a while .
Still bits to be finished and im waiting on a new bath as the one i have is cracked
so more mess to follow..
I've not been around enough to update my blogger as i should .
I've been very down on life alot ,my sons been down and ive been needed 
physically and mentally for him..
It always seems to be that we start pulling ourselves up and something
pulls us down again .
Anyway enough doom and gloom.
Ive done 3 yes 3 new collections latley with zindy and more are to follow.
I find working with zindy very relaxing and not stressful which is what i need at present.
I've had a nasty cough past 2 days and now its moved to my head which is all i need after months of  feeling ok and now this typical ..
But at least the cough isn't smoke related as i still do not smoke and i've given up since march so im proud of myself and so would my dad be proud if he was here bless him ..

Anyway enough of my ranting for now ..
Take care all and enoy the new work from me and zindy ..
Hugs xxxx

New At ZindyZone

2 brand new collections that are up in zindy’s new store

That looks totally stunning .

I’m proud to be part of zindy’s store ..

Ok all kits are on sale at present within zindy’s store .

You can grab a bargain or 2 on at half price :0)

Store is HERE


CaptureAND vintage_dreams_collection


Beautiful collections ,esp the vintage one its totally stunning ..

All exclusive sets are on link below..

Vintage Dreams stats&snags

Beautiful kit and tube in this collection at zindy’s store HERE

I did 2 versions and a side stat ,

beautiful collection that goes so well with alot of zindy’s work ..

This has a side stat also and 24 snags in PNG version ,but can be converted to JPEG if you desire ..






Download all in a zip file on zindy’s blog HERE


Enjoy =)

Breaking Lily stat&snags

Beautiful kit and tube in this collection at zindy’s store HERE

This has a side stat also and 12 snags in PNG version ,but can be converted to JPEG if you desire ..




Download all in a zip file at zindys Blog HERE


Enjoy =)


Breaking Lily Collection

Hi peeps did you miss me ??

Ok i’ll update you all on where i’ve been after this ..

It’s a new collection from me and zindy and it’s stunning..

Kit has 62 elements and 14 papers .


Its exclusive to Zindy’s store  and you can grab it at half price threw September.

Grab it HERE at zindy’s store ..

We have alot more planned,but this is out now for starter’s..

Hugs xxxx


Beyond The Darkness Stat and Snags

Been playing with this past couple of days and finally finished .

Ok stat and side stat and 12 snags in zip in PNG but can convert to JPEG if you desire .

Simply love these tubes from this artist ,

anything with wings and i’ve gotta buy lol ..

I’ve got terrible toothache today ,so im now off for a lay on sofa and i might go have a long soak in bath see how i feel after ..

Ok Preview:


Direct download HERE


MediaFire HERE

Enjoy all

Hugs ♥


MoonSpell Stat and Snags


Zindy’s tube MoonSpell stat/sidestat and 12 snags

in PNG format,can covert to JPEG if you desire..

All in zip ,Beautiful colours in this stationary..

Grab On zindy’s Blog HERE

Hugs xx

Zindy Butterflies Stats

Ok i had to do stats with zindy’s simply stunning Butterflies ..

This is the black and white pack of butterflies zindy has done .

I simply love them and they can be added to any zindy work to create extra beauty ,

I created a simple border and a sparkle border one .

Can be previewed below..

ButterflyPreview1and ButterflyPreview2

Click on image for larger preview ..

Ok download direct from:



Hope you like .




Pink Angel Stat’s and Snags

Created a beautiful stationary set for Incredimail

Using The Exclusive Pink Angel Scrap and Tube

Also a side stat and 12 Snags that are in PNG

You can convert to JPEG if you desire .


Grab all below:

Grab Off Zindy’s Blog HERE

New Blog Layout

As you can all see
I have an amazing new blog layout by the stunning pooker 
She's done me proud and lub's her to bits for all she does..
Lubs ya hunny ♥
Tube by the amazing Zindy like always lol ..
I just wanted to shout out how stunned i am with my new look and 
fingers crossed this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life and new ventures to come..
With everything settling down on the home front for now its time to be myself more..
Hugs to all who stand by me ..
& love to all who know me ..
Jo aka CBJ 

New At Zindy's

Several of my kits that used to be at Dreamscape Imaging
I've got exclusive to zindy..
4 kits up in total for now these are:

I also have a new mini kit out with a super sexy stunning pink angel by Zindy
called Pink Angel ..
Simply devine and work so well together ..
See all these HERE at zindy's store 


♥ Hope 4 Epilepsy ♥

Several designers have come together to help out Jase (the son of Patty aka Honored Scraps).  Jase is a very special little boy and has gone through so much already.  On June 19th he was diagnosed with Epilepsy and placed on medication for his seizures.  We are trying to raise gas/food money for his trips to Childrens Hospital as well as raise awareness for Epilepsy.  This beautiful collab contains both tagger size kits as well as a couple cu portions in beautiful shades of purple.


Pop to the store HERE to see the collab 4 Jase’s Mummy & Daddy ..


SCREAM Stat n Snags

Got alot going on in RL with son at present ..and i was working on this the other day and i thought i’d send threw as this is kinda how i feel today ..

This has 12 PNG snags that can be converted to JPEG if you desire .

And a side stat also my goth addiction kit ..


Download HERE

Enjoy peeps xx


Still Looking Stat and Snags

Another stunning tube from zindy

and another beautiful stat result and snags .


Done in one of my kits ,that compliment the tube wicked .

The end result is beautiful .

You can convert the PNG snags in the folder to JPEG if you desire .

Download the stat/side stat and snags on zindy’s blog HERE

Hugs xxxx


Ocean Love Stat and Snags


Simply Stunning Tube by Zindy and Ocean Love kit by Myself

Beautiful stat and snags for you all ..

You can grab the collection at zindy’s HERE

Download Snags/Stat/SideStat from Zindy’s Blog HERE


Ocean Love Collection

Another amazing collection

done with the amazing zindy s.d. Nielsen

I’ve done a stat with this but i shall be sending out in morning as late here now for me ..

Its a beautiful kit and tube and work so well together ..

Preview of stunner :


Link is HERE to see collection ..

Huggs xx


I.M Group Open ..


Ok i've been thinking and im already with an IM sharing group .. So all stats go threw that ,but i wanted to do one for just mine ..

Ok i understand if you do not wish to join another group,but this one is me only posting.

And no chatter is allowed ,so you would only get when i get of my arse to create lol ..

Here's the link to join if you want :

It’s an open group so join whenever ,i do alot of stats for zindy so i thought this might be a way of getting to others

I’ve been rather offish last few days been quiet and trying to work offline,did some stunning pics the other day ,that will be going into my deviant laters ..Done some great macro’s ..

Stay tuned peep’s xxxx


Blast from the past!

Had a message this morning by a follower on facebook that had found a tut From many years ago using my first ever kit called pastel dreams ..

Pastel Dream preview

OMG Surprised smileTalk about in shock..

We are talking about 4 years ago lol ..

I didn’t know how to create papers and many was done using scripts ,but i’ve had a quick browse and i’m quite pleased with what i did back then lol ..

Anyway the link was broken and i have re-loaded to new ect ,i will change original post link too ,but i just had to remind all about it lol ..

Download from HERE

Ps don’t moan if anything wrong,remember very old kit lol ..Rolling on the floor


Huggle’s always xxxxxxxx


The Fallen Stat

Created this stat with zindy’s awsome tube

The Fallen which is at her store

Also GothicHeart kit created by myself

Exclusive to zindy’s store ..


This also comes with 6 snags

which can be converted to jpeg if you desire.

and a side stat created with just the kit ..


Direct download on zindy’s blog HERE


Gothic Heart


Can be found on Zindy’s site HERE

We have more in ther pipeline so pls keep tuned ,actually one is on go at present lol ..

Zindy’s CT and my own have done some wicked work with this already pls pop to my CT blog to see also zindy’s CT blog ..

Hope you enjoy this kit ,i enjoyed creating it ♥

Huggs xx


Ok i’ve been awake all night so pls excuse the mistakes if found..

I’ve left Dreamscape ,you will find my kits still there for now.

I found that personnal life and family needed my attention more than a store.

I worked hard to try keep DSI going for aslong as i could but my health was going downhill fast so something needed to happen Sad smile

I will be still around ,i’m not going off the radar

Pls take care and thankyou to all who’s helped me threw the past 2 years at DSI ..

Huggs xx


50 % OFF


 Whispered Designz


Honored Scraps

Pls pop over and get a bargain or 2 ..


Regarding Downloads

Hi all hope your all ok ?

Ok my host seems to be down more than up latley

so i shall be moving all my items that are free to download on this blog to mediafire.

As i’m fed up with my host being down aswell as my personal store and tut site.

I cannot be ar*ed to move everything again so this time if it doesn’t come back online i wont be doing anymore Crying face

I’m so tired of everything latley ,ive been trying to hold it together but latley everything is getting to much and i don’t need the added grief ..

I’ll let ya’s all know when freebie downloads are all back up ..

Sorry for the inconveniance AGAIN .

Jo xxxx

Nothing Lasts Stat + Snags


Simply stunning Tube by our Zindy .

Which can be brought at her store HERE

This also comes with a side stat and 4 PNG Snags ..

Download from  Zindy’s CT Blog HERE

Huggs xx


DarkSide Stat&Snags

Another stunning tube from zindy

My Bloody Valentine Smile

Full stat and side stat created with 8 PNG Snags also within zip file ..

Created using my kit,DarkerSide oF Love..

Direct Download from Zindy’s Blog HERE



New Zindy Stat&Snags

I’ve kinda been out of it latley.

With one thing or another going on in real life ect..

Mo-Jo is low,BUT i’ve done a few goodies today and still playing with zindy’s fab work like usual..

Anyway there is a stat and snags  on Zindy’s CT blog HERE that you can direct download ..

This also has a side stat done in my zindy kit at DSI ..

Huggs to all xxxxxxxx



Now Selling @

Hi peeps

Abit of news for you all

I’m now a designer at 2 very good friend’s stores.

Melissa @ WhisprdDesignz


Patty @ Honored Scraps

Now patty’s new store isn’t open yet as still very new and plenty to still be added ect ..

But Mel’s is open and in both store’s im on sale with 50% off till end of May!


So worth popping over ..Only taggersized kits loaded at present ,we shall see how it goes for now  as i might leave fullsize exclusive to my store and DC Yet..i dunno lol ..

Anyway I’m honored to be working with great designers and friends ..

Huggz xxxx


Birthday sale at DSI

Our second Birthday is this week woot!



and we are having a sale of 30% off ..

entire store is on sale so grab some bargains ..Open-mouthed smile



Stat ,snags & an Update

Ok today is the first day i’ve felt myself in a few weeks ..

I’ve been laid up in bed with Glandular Fever

Thought i’d link it so others can read up on it and symptoms.

I never thought something could make me feel that ill ,i really felt drained like someone had put a straw in me and sucked the life from my body Sad smile

Anyway i’ve just sat and done a stat and some snags for all to grab,this also has a side stat too..

Done in arthur crowe’s amazing work ,grab tubes from his store HERE

Done in my punked up kit Smile

If you would like to convert snags to JPEG pls do so..

Here’s preview:


Larger copyright for preview ONLY Purpose ..

Direct download from my Host HERE

Pls send me some ♥ if you grab ,always nice to get comment’s ..

I’m still not 100%,but it’s nice to back online even if its not for long lol ..

Huggs to all



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