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New Poll

Ok i have a new poll for you over to the side ;O)
Its pretty simple and i'd love to know all what you think so if you wanna add a comment after doing the poll ,please add to this post on comment section :o)
The reason behind this is that me and a close friend Sandra have been talking and she does some amazing work and layouts (and Sandra is one of my CT )about doing shared pay blog layouts...
Let me know and why not pop to sandras Blog HERE To see a preview of what im on about with sandra's layout :o)
Huggz xx


Look at that i'm No 9 @ Scraps Shops ......

Just thought i'd come in and shout abit LOL .......

I'm looking for a certain action i've been back and forth to all stores and carn't find ....
It's a Heart done in Eyelet ribbons :o(
Anyone have any idea where i'll get ??? If so could you mail me :-

I'm going mental looking for it and i bet i've missed amount of stores ive been in LOL ..
Huggz for now My followers xx

New Kit

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas?
Mine went well ,even thou it didn't feel like christmas to me.
I think it all comes round to quick and gone to commercial for my liking ,esp without snow ,we don't get much snow in the UK .
Anyway on to the kit ....
I started this way before christmas ,but got so wrapped up in presents,food and everything else that goes on i left till now to finish .
I'm uploading now to Digital Chaos,creative scraps,scrap hapiness.
It will be at US4T and Assie scraps once i have all my other kits up :o)
Yes ive signed with assie scraps i'm so looking foward to working with the girls there also .
But with new year coming and me being away to visit family ,loading of kits will have to wait till i have more time on my hands .
Anyway i hope you like the kit :o)
in tagger and full version with plenty to do as over 90 elements lol ...
Right all for me to say now is have a fantastic new year :O)
I'm gonna try give up smoking ,what you gonna do??
Till i come back on blog ,have a great time and welcome 2009 !!
Huggz xx


Digital Scrapbook Designers from around the world have joined together to give you this very special Christmas kit! From our hearts to yours we wish you and yours a very special holiday season!
Now on to my Freebie :o)
Enjoy and have a great Christmas & New year!

Download HERE

Don't forget to go HERE and see the rest of the wonderful work up for grabs .




Great for them new year sets
Up in full/tagger sized.
This kinda took awhile to come together ,but i got done in end ..
Enjoy x

Stickers No 2 and 3

These are for sale at chaos and creative ,need to get my butt in gear tomorrow and get up for Scrapping Bratz store .
These are great and came out really well by scanner .
Commercial Use as always ,
Look great esp on layouts :o)


New From me :o)

Hi all ,Sorry ive been missing had an accident the other day .
Fell down stairs and broke 3 of my toes so ive been resting up this weekend .
Sooo as hubby has been running round doing alsorts i finished a kit ive been working on for a while ...Also some CU Christmas stickers i did (with help of friend yarrow as my tubing stinks).

The kit is in full /tagger version and at all my stores also the stickers :o)
My prices have gone up as my birthday is well over ,but you will still find on sale threw my stores as i always have on sale for you all .
Hope you like the kit ,i'm rather pleased with this and has plenty in it to do ...
Enjoy xx

Hi all

Sorry haven't been about latley ,
Been full of this flu bug thats being passed around :o(
I'm hoping a few more days rest and i should be back to my self and scrapping .
Till then i hope each and everyone of you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
As i'm from the UK we don't do ,so this will give m time to create and rest to get back to being jo ...
Take care all and once again have a great time with family and loved ones ...

Blinkies ....

Getting some new blinkies done by a very good friend
Also she's a designer also who's joined the mad crew @ Chaos ...
I'm talking of Brandi :o)
You can find her blog HERE
Thankies sugar xx
I have up at moment my fan of blinkie ....
Others to follow ,keep tuned ...
Huggz xx

Blinged Out Christmas

Was doing this for something else i had to do ,
but i thought this was so nice i'd get out now :o)
Smallish kit for me not huge in size ,but the ribbons and elements are very effective .
Up in all 3 stores and all still One dollar each till end of month .
So get your skates on and grab some of my googies lol .
Huggz xx


Title of my latest kit lol
This is on sale at creative chaos ....for $1.00
Also will be avaliable @ Poisioned Princess
Digital Chaos
Laters on ....
Thought i'd show you all now ...
Also remember all my products in all my stores are all down
to $1.00 .
Due to my birthday on 21st .
This will go on till end of month so no rush to save pennies lol ..
Hope you like the kit ,i had fun doing ...

Wow another award

This is totally fabby ...
I wont put this down to just one of my girlz ..I want all noted :o)
Adriana,mynxx,crazy girl,Chris,Helga
and Wiciyela's Designs.
Thankyou sooo much for all thinking so hignly of me :o)
Lubs yasxx
Ok on to the rulez...
when you receive this award.
you are supposed to say 7 things you love:o)
and give this to 7 more people....
Here are now 7 Things I love
1: Tight Jeans
2:My Hubby
3: My Kids
4: My Dogs
5:Marmite Sanwiches
6: Pink Custard
7: Scrapping late at night
My 7 Mates are :
Thankies for being there for me always
Lubs ya's xx


Newest Kit Feeling Just Peachie

Well i wasn't sure of this when i first did ..
And i was in one of those moods that nothing looked right ,so nence the name of kit lol
Im so glad i did cos the wonder work the girls have been doing with it is beyond me :o)
My own CT and Creative Scraps CT girls ...
Just Wow is all i can say ...
This is up in full and taggers at creative
Full and tagger at digital ...
Also Tagger at Poisioned Princess
So please pop over and take a lookie :o)

Gotta show you this beautie

This beautie was done by raeven HERE
She's one of the CT girls at Creative Scraps CT ...
Do you think she likes my new kit??
This totally ROCKS!
Keep up the awsome work babe

New Kit Spirit of christmas


Lets get in the spirit of christmas lol...

Huge kit ,i kinda went mad as i adore christmas ..

And i've got another being thought of lol ...

Can you see i love it ...

Anyway this is up at creative scraps and digital chaos in both sizes .

Laters will be in poisioned princess in tagger :o)

Huggz xx


Why do they do it ?

I feel upset ,disgusted and somehow Disapointed today .

I work hard on my kits .I buy everything myself ,commecial,actions the works .

Brushes,styles blar blar ,list goes on ...

And when you come across things like this :

Well all i can say is i hope it was worth it ...

Thats it not gonna say no more :o(

Upset and Hurt




Sorry ive been MIA abit ,

Been working on holiday collab kits and bits and bobs for the stores i'm in ...

This week i have nothing on the agenda scrap wise ..

So I'm gonna get on maybe do another action ..and a couple of kits that have been going round my head ...

So stay tuned :o)

Over in creative scraps tomorrow we are having a dollar day ..WOOT i hear you cry :o)

All my kits and the store designers kits will be down to a dollar so please pop along and see if you fancy something ...Even my new one will be up for a dollar ..woohoo !!

Have a fantastic week peeps ,i'm sure to be back laters with an update on what i'm up too..

Huggz xx


Won a Award

Ok Alot of my good friend

Lynne,roni,chantel,Rabs...and the list goes on .....

Have all decieded to give me an award.


Thankies my lovley girls xx

Ok on to the rulez:

This award is called the "ProximidadeAward" or "Friendship Around TheWorld Award". Originally this award was written in spanish, but it translates to highlight blogs that are pleasing or special in some way, and also to extend the hand of friendship around the world.And now I have to pass this award on to 8 blogs....

Here goes:

Huggz xxxx

Slight Change

As from today no more CBJ Blog .
I got fed up with loading my PTU Previews on it lol ..
As i have other blogs to take care of ..
So as from today all previews ,everything shall be on this site ...
You can always pop to the Creative Teams blog to see if any updates there aswell peeps ...

My First Free ACTION !

And it's FREE

Was gonna save for friday like the doodles ,

but im not gonna be around so your getting today :o)

I'm new to this and did this a couple of days ago .

Ive been having the other designers i work with trying it out for me lol ...

Nice simple little one just in time for christmas .

Let me know what you think :o)

Huggz xx

Download HERE

Doodle's Freebie

Just been playing about ,not brilliant but not bad for first attempt lol ...

PNG Format ,so can be used in whatever program .

(Not coloured )

Enjoy :o)

DownLoad HERE


Goth Child New kit

Love this kit love the colours very bright an vibrant ..

Up at digital chaos both sizes

Creative scraps both sizes

Both stores have my work on sale :o)

And to go up in

Poisioned Princess in tagger version .

Pop to one of my stores and have a lookie ..

Huggz xx


Ocean Dreams-New Kit

New kit up in CBJ to view .
This kit came from Naughty Angel one of my creative team girls :o)
I weas looking for ideas on kits and she mentioned that
she hasn't been to the Ocean in a while and hadn't seen many kits
Regarding the Ocean .
So i did lol ..
Pop to CBJ To view this beautiful aqua Kit :o)

Gold Star Award

Woot!!! A gold star award from ButterFlyFlutter
Omg this girl has some simply stunning stuf pop over and see :o)
Thankyou sweetheart xx
Ok Rulez:
If you receive this award,
you must pass it on to 3 other blogs.
If you have already received this award, you don't need to pass it on.
You must post on winners blogs to let them know about the award.
My 3 Are :

LOOK LOOK @ My Layout :o)

This amazing fabby work was done by a very very special friend
Who i think the world of and is always about for me .
Thankyou hunny :o)
And who am i talking of ....
Ain't it fab peeps i'm so pleased with it and the warmth of the colours
From my Plum Kit :o)
Big Big huggs 2 lisa for making me feel good when i'm full of cold

Freebie Styles

My first lot of styles and yep did in my fav theme grunge lol ..
Wasn't sure to put for sale ,but i thought naa put for my Customers and friends instead lol ..
Cos i missed my friday freebie also lol
So enjoy ,leave me feedback on what you think ...
Huggz xx
Download HERE

Latest kit

Also over in CBJ
Thought i'd place here also for you all to see .
This was requested by roni ,one of my CT girls
More Pastels so she got lol
Up in all stores now :o)

3 Beautiful

New tuts done by my creative team
Called fall spirit,autumn spirit and witching
Gotta pop along to CT blog to see them :O)
My girls work real hard to keep me happy ...Lubs yas xx
Will add to list of tutorial once its working ,like usual blogger is having an off 5 minuets lol ..
Sorry havent been around much ,noticed everywhere has gone quiet latley .
So been working on and off on new kit and
Practising doing patterns and styles that i can now do lol ...
Next on list is actions :O)
Take care all back laters with preview of new kit :O)
Huggz xx

Tag contest

Run by roni one of my CT Girls ...
Please go ahead and have a go Nothing to loose :o)
Huggz Joxx
Crazy Girls Design Contest
We are hosting a contest , using our tutorials !! Great chance to win some FREE TUBES !! Entries HAVE TO BE IN NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT Saturday October 4th, 2008. You will EMAIL the results to us . RULES : 1. One tag entry per person . 2. Must use ONE of our tutorials VERONICA OR LISA 3. Must have proper artist copyright 4. Tag must be email as a attachment in the email 5. Have fun !! PRIZES !! There will be 3 prizes . 1st place - $10 Gift Certificate to CILM 2nd place - 2 Tubes of choice from CILM, UpYourArt, or MPT 3rd place - 1 Tube of choice from CILM, UpYourArt, or MPT


Not been myself for the past few days ,just don't feel right .
Sure im coming down with something nasty.
Sorry all ,I shall try and snap out of it soon ...
Hugs and love Joxx

Friday Freebie

My add-on freebie to go with my new kit
In full size Enjoy:o)
If you like why not buy the full kit thats now out !
Download HERE
P.S Sorry wasn't up but last night by time i had finished it was late so left till this morning lol

New Kit Warm Plum and FREEBIE:0)

My Latest kit is up at stores called warm plum
Pop to CBJ to see the preview :o)
I shall have loaded in a sec the Add-on to go with it in full size
Also Free !!
Hope your having a fabby Weekend its sunny here today so gonna make the most of it :o)
Huggz xx

Creative Scraps Contest :o)

Rules ... Tag must be created with ANY kit sold at CSS!! Size no more than 500 x 500. It can be Animated to Non-animated. Use any artist you wish (you must be copyright compliant). A MAXIMUM OF ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ALLOWED. The tag can be for any use (example Nicole, A Note, .. Etc.) Make sure follow ALL TOU (scrap kits and artist). Send your entry to ... Please Put CSS Tag Contest in the subject line and put in the body of the email, what kit you used to create your tag!!Deadline is Saturday, September 30th at 12:00 AM (Midnight) Pacific time!

Winners ... We will have 3 winners.

The first places winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to the tube store of their choice.
Second and Third place winners will receive kits and/or items from the many designers at CSS .. For a complete list of designers participating please email us at above addy.


Hey all

Sorry been rather busy been shopping today :o)
Get my boys some bits and bobs ...
Yesterday i wrote another new tut ,But latley haven't been feeling myself sure i'm heading for something :O(
Been going to bed by 9 in evening and thats not me at all ..
Got a few ideas for some new kits but lack of energy is making me fall behind ,but i will get there so please bare with me ...
Hope all fine and well and enjoying your week so far ?
Huggz xx

New Tutorial written by ME !

Butterfly Dreams

Wrote this for yarrow for all she does for everyone ..

Using one of her latest tubes at MPT

Pop over to my site to view in full


Freebie ....

This Freebie goes with my latest kit that will be going up in CBJ in a minuet

Its a great add on to the kit :o)
This was supost to be up on friday sorry folks
Enjoy ..

Download HERE

Collab Kit

By 4 Designers (yes in in it)
at poision princess
Great price only

Im so pleased

My design team are really going for it
Im so chuffed the tutorials they have written are fab
I have some amazing layouts done by my layout girls
I just had to put a message up :o)
All tuts are on the side over there>>>>>>>>
So they are at easy acess

Fridays will be >>>>

Yes i know everyone uses it ...
But i couldn't think of another day to do it on and it rhymed lol..
So from now on i take a day of from kits ect...
And its gonna be my freebie day ..
Friday Freebies
This day i shall be doing tutorials and freebies for my blog and tut site:o)
So try pop in on fridays and see what ive been up too...

CT Layouts and new tut also by jackie :o)

Jackies new tut called floral fae on creative team Blog
Pop and get link.
Also my girlz have been working so hard on layouts and getting them up and out and about...
Pls have a look while over on CT Blog :o)

Spooky Freebie :o)

8 yes 8 CU Shapes
Size around 1500
With stitching around edges ,great for halloween kits ect..
Great to colourize Enjoy :o)
Click on preview to download

CT Tutorial By Angel :o)

Wow i am getting spoilt By my Girlz :O)

Angels latest Tropical Dream

Visit CT Blog to get Link to tut

Thanks sweet for my beautiful Taggie xx

CT Tutorial :o)

Great tutorial written by Jackie on the CT Team.
Pop over to the Creative team blog to find Tut link :o)
Thanks so much jackie for my stunning tag like usual xx


CTeam Jackie new tutorial

First of all i'd like to welcome jackie as my second tutorial writer for my creative team :o)

Jackie got straight to work yesterday and has created a new tutorial on her new tut site Called Sonny Framed .

This will take you to jackie's TOU As she doesn't like direct linkage to her tutorials ...

Here is the preview of the tut

Jackie used my child's play kit on this tutorial :o)


Newest kit Love Letters

Pop to CBJ For more info :o)

A godess New Tut By CT Angel

Using my red glory 2 kit
Wooooo thankies sweet
Fing more info HERE
Find the Tut HERE
Aint it just purfect :0)

Just uploading my newest kit should preview it for you all tomorrow
at CBJ Scrap :0)
Also if you pop along to the first link above
My creative team Blog you will find some beautiful layout using my kits by
my creative Girls ...
Huggs &love

Award :o)

Recieved this Award from 3 girls lol
Thanks girls
Thank you so much Girls Means alot to me :o)
Ok the rulez....

1.The winner can put the logo on her blog
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3.Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4.Put links of those blogs on yours.
5.Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated..

Ok i Nominated :
1, Yarrow HERE
2, Babycakes HERE
3, Connie HERE
4, Kristy HERE
5, Charmd HERE
6, Chaos Princess HERE
7, Tizzy HERE
Once again girlz thankies
Lubs ya's xxxx

Hi All

Update Kinda
Sorry havent been about much been doing collab kits with stores and
working with my creative team .
I'm now pleased to say
Corina,Gail,Lynn and Gina
are my layout Girls
Naughty Angel is my first tutorial writer to join .
Woooooooo !!!!
Also With the kids being of school its been hard for me to
work on comp mum this mum that you know how it is .
Soon as back to school i'll actually have 5 to work proper.
Hope you all had a great weekend

Tutorial written by CTeam Naughty Angel

Tutorial written using my Mocha Latte Kit
Tutorial called Coffee Break
Find it HERE at Angels Tut Site
And thankies for my tag sweetheart :o)

Digital Chaos Collab Charity kit

Alzheimer's is fast becoming a real problem to the elderly, and 'near - elderly' people in this world. There is nothing harder than to have to watch someone you know and love become afflicted with this dreadful memory-robber of a disease.
All the proceeds are going to the Alzheimer's foundation, to further the research that is needed. We can't do it by ourselves, but by coming together, we can all make a difference!
All sales from this kit are going to The Alzheimers Society registered Charity No. 296645.For more information, go here: (US) (UK)
This kit is HUGE!!! it contains a total of 480 items!!! in both full and tagger size.Full Size:76 papers15 frames147 elements2 alphaTagger Size:81 papers26 frames133 elements


Red Glory 2 out Now !!

Newest Kit
Pop over to CBJ for more info on kit:o)


75% off closing down sale

Creative Team Call :0)

I'm after 2 layout and 2 tutorial writer for now .
To use my PTU Kits for free
more info when you email me

New Kit:0)

Latest kit from me ....Also up in CBJ
With info :0)

CU Freebie Rose

Did this CU Freebie for you all .

Beautiful rose to be re-coloured ,


Download HERE

New CU Products

In my stores :0)
Please visit CBJ for details
on Grab bag 4
CU Ribbons ..

Freebie Add-On .

To go with my new kit Childs play
Done in Tagger size .
3 papers
2 metal ribbons
2 butterfly ribbons
party word and charmed butterfly
frame with wrap
and twisted ribbons

New Kit out !

Called Childs play :o)
For more on the kit please visit CBJ also to see the preview
Huggs and love
I should have a freebie add on soon to go with this kit
for you all ;)

Guess what i got today ?

My bestest of mates and partner in crime fi of fi's scrap
Really made my day today .
Ive been feeling rather down with having my gallbladder took out .
The lickle darling designed me my very own freebie kit HERE
Its amazing and huge in size ..Tagger sized but with tons to do ..the elements are fabby.
Thankyou so much sweetheart
youve made my miserable day brighten up !
And look out for a tutorial or 2 lol ..
Please if you download from Fi's site send her some love for this baby :o)

Hi all :0)

Have ya missed me ??
sorry been away but you know where ive been in hospital getting the gallbladder removed :0)
Yep still in rather alot of pain ,but you know me it don't keep me down for long ..
Just thought i'd tell you all my latest kit is up at CBJ to view ..
and is avalible at all my stores to purchase .
Love the deep colours on this baby ..So please pop over to CBJ and view it ..
Try be about more now ive had the op done ...
Btw you like the new layout i got sick of the white even thou i lost my stunning banner by gwen ,,but no worries still on comp lol ...
Thought i'd get one to match CBJ Blog :o)

Pictures :(

Ok if the pictures aint showing on a certain freebie or kit sorry can check out kits on CBJ
Blog instead :)
Trying to get all so you can see again but very time consuming
and i need time with my kids today .
So ive done this page and next page till the images come back at end of month .
Its due to people clicking on the images and taking up bandwidth to veiw photobucket .
Its been set now to no click so i should be ok now :0)
I will get the others up just not today as ive got other things to do .
huggers and enjoy your weekend ,,

Pls Read !!

Ok what it is ive changed this site over to just doing freebies .
From now on all my paid kits previews and store updates will be posted
On creationz sister blog CBJ
When i do a kit i will announce on here but only that and place a link to CBJ
This site is to do freebies have challenges ect and just be me the others my like
Designer preview blog thingy ..get what im saying cos i'm lost already ..
Right kids will be up soon
better go get the kettel on for a cuppa ...
Huggs and love


Thankyou all who took the time to post on my poll
and to thankyou we have the above ^
pretty crazy mini full sized kit in mind blowing colours lol
5 full papers,2 frames and ect ...
You will find glitters and flowers in this .
One thing !
To download this baby you will have to collect from my stores .
This is up at Digital chaos
Enjoy and thanks again for voting :o)

Poll Finished :0)

Ok from what i can see is i have
7 votes for glitters ..
7 votes for Flowers ..
I shall get going on a Glittered flower Kit ..
Shall be free lol
Thanks to all who took time out to vote on my poll
Big huggs
ps..This might take a while for me to get out as im in hospital next tuesday ..but i shall try do before i go ..Keep checking back peeps :o)

CBJ-Victorian Elegance New kit Due out !

Really loved doing this one even if it did take a while to do .

Victorian colours and frames ect in tagger and full sized

Soon be avaliable in all 3 of my stores .

(not all shown in preview)



Banner Comp Winner woooooo!!!!!

Thankyou all for such stunning results i did find it hard to choose a winner ,but my ten year old son nathan said he totally adored the one ive chosen ...
The colours and animation worked so well
You will be recieving one of my kits of your choice.
Pls email me regarding this
and your choice of kit
The winning banner will be showing shortly
Huggs and Love
Ps... Once again thankyou all who entered :)
Maybe i'll do something like this again soon ..
So please keep popping back


Another weekend ;O)
What shall i do my poll is nearly up and i'm kinda grrr lol
As 3 of the choices have 6 votes each and i need a winning number cos i wanna get this kit done asap as from tomorrow as due in hospital next week ...
I'm stressed today got tons of washing to get dry as raining always here in wales .
3 kids driving me nuts and i so wanna get on and Scrap ...Anyone fancie my kids for a week??
He he ....
Right enough from me ,enjoy your weekend and Please don't do anything i wouldn't ..don't leave a lot really eh


This morning when I went to read my comments.

Angie from Angie's Asylum


Yarrow aka Lisa from FallenAngel

The girlz had presented me with an award.Thanks girlz :o)

Ya both Nutters lol and Lubs ya's to Bits

Da Rulez
In turn I must pass this award on to 7 more amazing people
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from
.3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs
.4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you've nominated
My Seven Victims are:
6.Wonderful Waste of Time at

New CU Product

In all my stores :o)

800x880 size,png format in grey scale .

For you to use in ya kits

Enjoy !

huggers Joxx

Layout Freebie :0)

Super Freebie this week these are made from my new kit out called Mocha-Latte

2 Layouts in PNG Format

Images i used are of my great niece Erin Louise :o)

I hope you enjoy as much as i did making them .

And please remember to send me some love if you grab ..

Also respect my TOU .

Download HERE


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